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Fox and friends
I was raised as a Catholic, I went to church and attended Sunday school, Although I still believe, I am not much of a church goer anymore. But what surprises me is fox and friends, they seem to have become religious. I'm not saying that I am a saint, but I do no the difference between right and wrong. According to the bible, it is wrong to lie, cheat, and deceive.It is also wrong to cheat on your wife, It is wrong to use the lords name in vane. 
When you endorse people that do all these things then I find the following very disturbing.
[Image: fox1.png]
[Image: fox2.png]
[Image: fox3.png]

Now how can Fox and friends show "GOD SAVE AMERICA" And still endorse a president that has no problems lying to the American people, and deceiving them. A president that has been married 3 times  and has committed adultery numerous times. A president who doesn't see anything wrong in "Grabbing them by the pussy" "Kissing without consent" A president who has absolutely no respect for women, a president that has no respect for anyone but himself. A president that likes the idea of dictatorship. A president that makes enemies of our allies and allies of our enemies.  

Maybe Fox and friends are right, maybe we should ask God to save America. 

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