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Forum rules - Stephen - 02-13-2017

Although we encourage people to have a personal meaning, We will remove everybody from the forum that is guilty of the following.
1:        No pornographic material aloud on this forum
2:        This is not a market place, We do not use the forum to buy nor sell goods
3:        Because this is an open forum, we also have children that can visit us, please keep your language clean
4:       We only allow the English language.
Please be advised that everything you  publish on this forum  will automatically become the property of the administrator  of this forum.
If you should have problems with a post on this forum, please notify either the administrator of this forum, or a forum moderator.
We have a shout that everyone can use, the shout will be cleaned every 24 hours, we do not tolerate fowl language on the shout.
It is not possible to have 24/7 control on this forum, even the administrators needs to sleep every now and then so, please be patient when contacting a forum administrator or moderator. We will get back to you.