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  Land of the free
Posted by: Stephen - 07-26-2018, 07:47 PM - Forum: Land of the free - No Replies

Land of the free
I am a great fan of youtube and watch clips from all over world, some time ago I watched a musical clip from Australia. It is a beautiful song and it describes the building blocks of Australia.
The chorus, goes something like this,

Quote:We are one, but we are many.
From all the lands on earth we come.
We share a dream, and sing with one voice,
I am, you are, we are Australian.

 The title of the song is “I am Australian”. It was written by Bruce Woodley in 1987 for the Seekers.
The chorus stayed with me for quite some time, not just because I liked the words, but there seems to be a familiarity with our own history, change the word Australian for the word American, and you would be describing our own history.
Just think, what makes our America great, it’s the people that call America their home. Who are those people? We are the descendents from nations all over the world. Just think, our DNA isn’t American DNA, its international. From all the lands on earth we come
Americans consider themselves to be world leaders, there are a lot of countries that look up to America. America as a nation defend the human writes wherever we can. We help other nations to keep them safe. In other words we are the peace keepers of the world. We help to defend the counties of our descendants. Did you know that a lot of us still have distant family living in these countries.

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Posted by: Stephen - 07-22-2018, 11:10 AM - Forum: Injustice - No Replies

Pedophilia - Wikipedia
Pedophilia, or paedophilia, is a psychiatric disorder in which an adult or older adolescent experiences a primary or exclusive sexual attraction to prepubescent children.
I am a father of three daughters and 2 grandchildren. One of my daughters was a victim of a pedophile. She was forced to having sex with him under the threat of hurting her mum and dad.
In a period of 6 months, we saw our daughter turning from an active young girl into a petrified child.

It took us and a case worker three months to comprehend what had happened to our daughter. Her story was horrific. Apparently  an acquaintance  of the family had told her that we were in financial difficulties and that he would help us if she did whatever he asked her to do. He told her that if she didn’t do what he asked, he would hurt us. He told her that if she ever talked to anyone about their secret he would hurt her as well.

We went to the police and told our story. An investigation was started and it took almost a year to complete, that’s when we were hit with the bad news. Although the police new the man was guilty, the law requires physical evidence of a sexual crime committed by the person, or  a witness to the crime. In the case against this man there were neither. There isn’t a judge in the land that will convict a man of this crime without some kind of physical evidence or witness.
Some months later we were visited by the lead investigator that handled the case of my daughter and she told us that as we were speaking, the man who did this to my daughter, was being picked up by the police. This man had evidentially taken videos of his actions with my daughter and decided to hide them on his office computer at work. His employer had found these videos and handed them over to the police. The man was charged with his crime spent a week in jail and was sent home awaiting his trial.
His wife and children had left him, and he was left alone in his house. To avoid the embarrassment of a trial he taped up all the windows and doors and turned on the gas, after a while he ignited the gas and as a result there was a massive explosion. The explosion caused massive damage to his house and the 2 adjoining houses. As if it were meant to be, he survived the explosion with a few burns and massive bruising over his body.
He was charged with causing an explosion that ruined three houses, and bringing countless people in danger, Because his actions were a result of his being charged with sexual rape of a miner, the police decided to bring both these indictments into one trial before one judge. He was found guilty of all charges against him. Because the man tried to commit suicide, the judge found him to be unstable and orders that he be sent to a psychiatric institution for a period of 2 years. After 2 years the man is once again a free man.
Although I agree with the judge that the man may have been mental unstable at the time he tried to commit suicide, I also believe that while he was interacting with my daughter, he knew it was wrong and he could go to prison for it. He decide to do it anyway. If the two cases were tried separately, then I am convinced that he would have, in conjunction with 2 years psychiatric  treatment, also have received jail time.

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  Rules applied on this forum
Posted by: Stephen - 07-21-2018, 01:10 PM - Forum: Our rules - No Replies

We do not have many rules, the rules we do have are the same for every user of this forum.This includes registered users, moderators, super moderators and administrators. The rules are subject to change if the situation requires the the owner to do so. Please read the rules and act accordantly. The breach of these rules may result in the deletion of your account.

01:          Abuse or discrimination of any kind to fellow members on this forum is strictly prohibited.
You do not have to agree to the contents of a post, and you may express your disagreement in a reply to the concerning post, but keep your comment clean and respectful. Stay on topic.

02:          We do not allow pornographic material of any kind on this forum.
This rule needs no explanation, if you break this rule, your account will be deleted with no notification.

03:          We do not allow spam  on this forum. 
Although we have a spam filter, it is not possible to divert all spam accounts, (spammers are getting more clever everyday.) Should you come across a post that contains spam please report this to one of our staff members or send a  Mail to the owner of the forum.

04:          All contents of this forum automatically become the property of this forum and may be subject to change.
Please be very careful what you place on the forum. Although you have the right to be forgotten on this forum, contents you placed will remain the property of this forum unless otherwise agreed on.      
[b](forgotten  = You have the right to have your account deleted, your name will be deleted from all contents you have contributed to this forum. You do not have the right to have all your contents deleted.)[/b]

05:          You have the right to free speech, this right should be applied with caution, this does not give you the right to insult any member of this forum. 
Free speech is a given right to every body, by making a statement on this forum, you may be asked to backup your claim with some kind of evidence, please comply to this request. You may express your own opinion on this forum, If you do so, please state that this is a personal opinion, and not necessarily the opinion of others.

As you can  see, we don't have many rules, we ask everybody to abide by these rules. Treat your fellow members with the same respect as you would have them treat you. Please keep the forum clean and decent.

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